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Download our Vietnam Human Rights Report 2016-2017

We are proud to announce the release of our annual report on the Human Rights Situation in Vietnam.

Please click the front cover of our booklet to download the electronic English version and feel free to distribute it.






Download the South China Sea Position Paper


This report, released by Senator Ngo’s office, aims to provide information on the South China Sea disputes. Several aspects of the disputes are addressed, including the existing international law that governs maritime claim disputes, the international reaction to the South China Sea disputes, their impacts on the environment and the global economy, and Canada’s current policy on the disputes. An overview of each South China Sea country’s position and a detailed timeline of the disputes is included.

Click on the cover to view and download an English version of the position paper on the Disputes in the South China Sea.




Click below to see a review of 2016 at the Senate!