Internship Alumni

Welcome to our Alumni Page! Here you can discover the stories of past interns!



Name: Andrew Nguyen

Intern Year: 2013

City: Vaughan, Ontario

Current Position: PhD Candidate, Queen’s University

“Senator Ngo’s internship program provides opportunities for young people from diverse backgrounds in Vietnamese communities to come together and engage with challenging issues that impact all members. Just as important, Senator Ngo’s internship fostered significant relationships that continue to contribute to my professional development.”



Name: Dessa Nguyen

Intern Year: 2013

City: Calgary, Alberta

Current Position: Articling student at Dentons Canada LLP

“There is something uniquely special and bonding as secondary generation Vietnamese diaspora – where, although we come from different walks of life, we share a rich heritage as well as optimistic visions for Vietnamese at home and abroad.”



Name: Frédéric Vo Van

Intern Year: 2014

City: Montreal, Quebec

Current Position: Student

“Le Parlement, une expérience unique qui vous ouvrira toutes les portes. Croyez en vos rêves.”



Name: Timothy Doan

Intern Year: 2014

City: Ottawa, Ontario

Current Position: Junior Analyst at Citizenship and Immigration Canada

“Before I started, I knew next to nothing about Canadian politics. After working in the Senate for the summer, I realized how much there is to know about such an important, complex and ever changing institution.”



Name: Thuy-Dan Dang

Intern Year: 2015

City: Kingston, Ontario

Current Position: Law Student at University of Ottawa

“My internship experience with Senator Thanh Hai Ngo’s office was exceptional. As a law student, it was important to me that I spend my summer after first year learning about how our government works, from the legislative process, to Senate and House of Commons committee meetings, to day-to-day administrative business. Senator Ngo’s internship offered me all of this and much more. I was able to work on my writing skills in a variety of different contexts, and being on the Hill regularly allowed me to meet many politicians and noteworthy individuals. Being in Ottawa for this internship gave me the opportunity to explore our nation’s capital–there was always something wonderful to do! Finally, through this internship, I met many bright, like-minded young adults: these were my fellow interns, all of whom I am confident will be lifelong friends as well. I would definitely recommend this internship to other students, especially those who are interested in Canadian law and/or politics!


Name: Melinda Phuong

Intern Year: 2015

City: Markham, ON

Current Position: Master’s Candidate, York University

Growing up in a community where I was one of the only Vietnamese-Canadians, Senator Ngo’s summer internship program was instrumental in helping me learn about my heritage. Here, I enhanced my research skills while examining the past and present situation in Vietnam, and I also gained greater appreciation for the important work that is done in the Senate of Canada. It was a privilege to work alongside such a remarkable group of young Vietnamese-Canadians, all of whom I’m still in touch with today. Getting this opportunity to work on Parliament Hill is not something any young Canadian should pass up and I’m happy I made the decision to apply!


Name: Nina Nguyen

Intern Year: 2016

City: Calgary, AB

Current Position: Student

“I’m a third-year student at University of Calgary and am currently studying to become a speech pathologist. I decided to use this internship program as an opportunity to broaden my horizons because as a young Canadian I believe that it’s important to understand how our country is governed and how we are able to make an impact on it.”



Name: Nicholas Dang

Intern Year: 2016

City: London, ON

Current Position: Student

“I’m from London, Ontario, currently going into my third year at Western University in Political Science. I’m very happy to be working here with Senator Ngo and with all my other colleagues/interns. This is not an opportunity that a lot of people get, and every single day is a new learning experience for us. We do a lot of interesting stuff too – like for example the other day our team had the opportunity to meet Rona Ambrose.”




Name: Kim Nguyen

Intern Year: 2017

Current Position: Student

I think it’s a really valuable program because not everyone can say that they’ve worked in the Senate, directly for a Senator. It’s been a really eye-opening summer and it’s made me love what I study even more. This internship is a very rare and valuable experience and I think it’s going to help me in the long run,” said Kim Nguyen, a fifth-year international relations student from the University of British Columbia.”





Name: Nathan Ly

Intern Year: 2017

Current Position: Student

“I believe that students aren’t necessarily interested in politics to begin with and they don’t really understand how the system works or get exposed to the inner workings. So, coming to Ottawa and experiencing it firsthand is one of the best ways to learn. I’ve come away with a greater appreciation for the Senate as an institution,” said Nathan Ly, a fourth-year biochemistry student from the University of Toronto.”